Top 4 Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Website Design
There are a plenty of reasons where you found that why or why not you upgrade you site design But here we describe why and how a good website design can benefit your law firm and their ways.
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Top 4 Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Website Design

Apr 6, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Web Design

Current research shows that 87% of US population uses internet regularly. Apart from social networking, the users look into websites of services and products in which they are interested. Hence, when they need legal help, they check law firm websites. With the rise of the number of law firms, people get a huge number of responses when they do a web search. The availability of so many websites has made the users choosy. For your law firm, it means heavy online competition.

When a visitor comes to a website, he/she screens everything and website design is the first thing that hits them, even before they start reading the homepage. In short, a good website design acts as an anchor and ensures that a visitor stays long enough to read the content.

Now, read on to know the ways a good website design can benefit your law firm

Let people know you are a brand they could trust

People will judge your website in the same way as they would judge a shopping website. In such a situation, if they find your website rigged with issues like slow page opening or inactive tabs, they would never be able to trust your law firm. When a law firm’s website is in good condition, it conveys that the firm spends money on its upkeep. Meaning, the lawyers are serious and genuine. It helps develop faith in the heart of the visitor.

Be a cut above the rest

Currently, there are over 1.3 million practicing lawyers in the USA. For your law firm to stand out and shine, it needs a website with a good design. Just think – your website will be neither the first nor the last for a visitor. He/she will visit several ones and if he finds another website with a better design, of course, he will move onto that. Therefore, with an attractive website design, you can stop visitors from hopping away.

Ensure higher rate of conversion

Website design is much more than just color and font. It is the entire setting, which makes a website easy to use. Is the font size big enough? Does your website have the option where font size could be changed? Are the colors too bright for the eye or are they too mild? Is the call to action mentioned clearly? All these factors contribute to motivating a visitor fill out the contact form. If he finds a single factor annoying, he will leave the website for good.

Ensure better ranking

If a website displays a high bounce rate, Google considers it the thumbs down and allocates a low rank to it. Bounce rate is the rate at which people leave a site. A first-time visitor is patient and he/she will wait for the website to open properly. However, if they find the design hideous, there is no way of stopping them from clicking the back button.

Hence, if a visitor leaves a website within 30 seconds, it mostly means something is wrong with its design. For Google, it means that the website is not useful to the internet user, and thus, it need not be at a high rank in the search results. By improving the website design, bounce rate can be controlled considerably.

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