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Adword Campaigns

For a law firm, standing out in a sea of competitors can be tough, especially in an industry as competitive as law. If ranking on the first page of a Google search seems like a pipe dream, it’s probably because you’re not taking advantage of Google AdWord campaigning, which, when implemented correctly, can help you succeed in the competitive legal landscape.

There might be hundreds or thousands of potential clients in need of your legal services. The problem is that these potential clients don’t know about your law firm simply because your law firm is not Googleable. A correct use of AdWord campaigns can help you break through today’s cluttered legal landscape and thrust to the forefront of web results.

“Oh, so that’s how it works! I just need to create a Google AdWord campaign and there will immediately be millions of daily visitors on my website. I got your point!” you may be thinking. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. You cannot create just any Google AdWord campaign and hope for it to bring you immediate and fantastic results.

What Google Adword Campaigning Can Do?

Our law firm marketing professionals here at WebsLaw know that it takes years – if not decades – of experience to implement best practice for all of the following components of Google AdWord campaigning: focusing on search intent, creating compelling ad copy, creating high-converting landing pages, targeting the right keywords, and many more.

Here at WebsLaw, we utilize the latest cutting-edge techniques in search engine optimization and digital marketing to help you lure clients to your website, and, consequently, convince them to pay for your legal services.

Looking For ‘Incredible Results’?

There are literally hundreds of marketing companies in the United States alone, and each of them promises incredible results. The main problem is that only very few of these companies specialize in law firm marketing and know what it really takes to help law firms maximize their marketing strategy, and, as a result, maximize their profits.

Many law firms do not realize that hiring any marketing company that promises great results is a waste of both money and time. If you have a law firm, and you want thousands of potential clients in your target region to find out about you and realize that you’re the law firm that can help them solve their legal problems, you need a personalized digital marketing strategy created by seasoned professionals.

Why You Need WebsLaw?

Hiring the right marketing company is about 50% of your success when attracting clients. Creating a smart Google AdWord campaign can add additional 20% to your success, and the remaining 30% account for social media campaigning, creative design, blogging, website development, and other elements of digital marketing.

There are numerous books and articles titled something along the lines of, “20 Absolute Best Ways to Create a Profitable AdWord Campaign For Your Website.” Unfortunately, many law firms looking for a budget-friendly way to attract new clients go through all these 20 steps to create a “profitable” AdWord campaign, but end up seeing little to no effect a few months later.

What you need to realize is that AdWords campaigns require close attention, intelligent work, and careful maintenance to succeed, and these aspects cannot be learned from simply reading a book or article on the Internet. It takes years of practice to know how to achieve those “incredible results” that involve increased leads and potential customers, fast and transparent results, the ability to tap into large, high-quality traffic sources, and many more.

Creating a Google AdWord campaign can work wonders, and can get you from 5 to 10 monthly phone calls from potential clients to 100+ phone calls from potential clients who convert into paying clients each month. If you want to see your law firm on the first page of Google results, contacting a marketing company that specializes in law firm marketing is the only way to go. WebsLaw has a digital marketing team full of professionals with decades of experience in law firm marketing committed to helping you take your law firm to the next level.