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Digital Marketing

SEO, analytics, metrics, web positioning, PPC advertising… All of these confusing terms encompass a successful digital marketing plan of any law firm that attracts thousands of daily visitors on its websites. But how can you devise a successful digital marketing strategy if you have no idea what all of these terms mean, let alone how to use these tools to help increase traffic and rank on the first page of Google results above your main competitors?

Digital Marketing In A Nutshell

Yes, there are plenty of marketing companies that can help achieve your digital marketing goals, but are these firms the right choice for your law firm? We don’t want to disappoint you or sound discouraging, but there are only very few marketing firms that specialize in law firm marketing, which means the vast majority of all marketing companies that promise “guaranteed and fast results” are not competent to create a triumphant digital marketing strategy that will help your law firm elbow its way into the very top of Google rankings.

Think about it this way… Would you trust a nurse to perform an open-heart surgery? Technically speaking, both nurses and surgeons are medical professionals, but not all medical professionals are qualified to provide all types of medical care. The same can be said about marketing firms… Would you trust your law firm’s website to a marketing company that simply cannot deliver results despite feeding you with empty promises just so it can convince you pay more and more… and more?

The answer is obvious, which is why WebsLaw, one of very few marketing firms that specialize in developing and managing digital marketing strategies for some of the most successful and reputable law firms in America, is at the forefront of marketing and advertising for your law firm.

What A Successful Digital Marketing Plan Looks Like

Our marketing experts at WebsLaw will create a personalized digital marketing plan for your law firm to maximize your traffic, leads, and conversion rate through the combination of all of the following components of digital marketing:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO), which helps your website rank highly in search engine results for keywords and phrases related to your law firm’s practice areas.
  • Blogging, which helps you drive traffic to your website in organic searches and stay on the first page of Google searches by creating more indexed pages and more shareable and social media-friendly content.
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), which helps you drive traffic to your website by placing ads at the top of search results whenever a user’s search includes one of your keywords.
  • Content marketing, which focuses on helping you reach, engage, and connect with your potential clients via content in a way that turns your content into a “bridge” between your website and your potential client.
  • Email marketing, which is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing tools that helps build brand awareness, consistently provide your subscribers with valuable information, and help you retain existing clients as well as gain new one.
  • Social media marketing, which may be one of the most effective and talked-about digital marketing strategies these days, as having social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram can help you reach your target audience.
  • Voice search optimization, which is one of the latest and yet one of the most overlooked digital marketing tools for law firms, as it optimizes existing and new content on your website for voice search (voice search has become one of the most popular features on modern smartphones and other electronic devices).
  • Conversion rate optimization, which uses a variety of tools to convert every visitor into a potential client who’s actually willing to pay for your legal services.
  • Online public relations, which focuses on nurturing the profitability and longevity of your relations with our existing and new clients.

The efficiency of all of the above-mentioned digital marketing strategies depends on how well these strategies are implemented by a team of marketing experts. Do not rely on a random agency online that offers marketing solutions to bring you the desired results. Choose battle-hardened veterans with decades of experience in digital marketing to help you design and execute a digital marketing strategy that makes maximum impact. Here at WebsLaw, our marketing professionals have a proven record in helping our clients beat their competitors with our advanced digital marketing strategy.