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At WebsLaw we take a comprehensive approach to creative website design and law marketing by offering a full suite of services to build a powerful web presence for your firm. We're all about maximizing your visibility and edge.
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Creative Web Design

Steve Jobs once famously said that “Creativity is just connecting things.” The co-founder of Apple meant that creativity is all about connecting experiences that you’ve had and synthesizing new things.

And our web designers at WebsLaw couldn’t agree more, because we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. It takes years of trial and error to develop a winning strategy for your law firm if you’re trying to be prominent in the digital world. And that strategy boils down to your website’s ability to stand out from the crowd.

What you need to understand is that it doesn’t matter how many multi-million cases your law firm has won, nor does it matter how many years of collective experience your attorneys have. Believe it or not, what truly matters in the digital world is your website’s ranking in Google search. And creative design is a means to improving your Google ranking, and, therefore, landing potential clients.

Creative design is what sets you apart from your competitors – hundreds of other law firms who’re coming to eat your lunch. And this can be achieved through four elements: website design, logo design and branding, blog design, and newsletter design.

Website Design

If you think that the key to becoming a successful law firm whose phone is ringing off the hook 24/7 is boasting about your multi-million-dollar settlements, think again. Yes, there’s no denying that those multi-zillion-dollar settlements are important, but your potential clients are not going to find out about your legal victories if you have a website that looks like it crawled out of the early 2000s.

If your website looks like everyone else’s or your website design looks dull or boring, your potential clients are not going to linger on your website for long, let alone contact your attorneys no matter how experienced and proficient they are. If you created a website without putting much effort into it, and hope that it’s enough to convince your potential clients that you’re THE law firm they need, you’ve got all your eggs in a vanishing basket.

Logo Design And Branding

Many law firms underestimate the importance of logo design in their marketing strategy. By creating a vivid and brilliant logo, you immediately enhance your potential client’s perception of your law firm. When you have a logo, it shows that your law firm is more than just a plain website where you advertise your lawyers. By having a logo, you’re showing to your potential clients that you are a brand.

Blog Design

If you’re familiar with WebsLaw’s marketing approach, you probably know that we place great importance on blogs. Sure, what you’re writing in your blogs matters a lot, but so does the blog design. In fact, there was a study that showed that users rank a blog’s trustworthiness based on its design rather than the content. This proves just how critical it is to work on your blog design so that it leaves a long-lasting impression and makes your potential clients want to come back for more info, which will eventually convert them from potential clients into paying clients.

Newsletter Design

“Does anyone read emails today?” think those who’re struggling to find new clients. You see, your marketing strategy cannot be complete without a successful newsletter campaign. And newsletter design plays a vital role in encapsulating a click-worthy newsletter campaign. Newsletters are a constant reminder in the form of valuable information to make sure that your potential clients stay connected without actually being on your website. But whether or not they will read the email, let alone click on any links in it, depends on how well your newsletter is designed and marketed.