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Newsletter Design

The emergence and ever-growing popularity of social media has prompted most businesses to put all their marketing eggs into one basket – or, to be more exact, into four baskets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn – abandoning email and newsletter marketing, the classic digital marketing tool that helps you both retain your existing clients and gain new ones.

Here at WebsLaw, our marketing experts rely on a wide variety of digital marketing techniques, both classic and new ones. We stay up to date with what’s trending in an industry that’s constantly shifting and evolving to figure out what works best for our clients to attract their target audience.

Newsletter Vs. Social Media

For example, did you know that more than 72% of Internet users prefer to receive promotional information via email compared to only 17% of those who prefer social media? This means that having a newsletter strategy for your law firm can do much more in terms of increasing traffic and helping you find new clients than maintaining a social media presence.

“But why choose one over the other if you can have both?” thought our marketing specialists at WebsLaw and have been both utilizing social media outlets and creating newsletter campaigns to drive website traffic and boost profits for our clients.

Why Newsletter Design Matters So Much?

Think about it this way: Not everyone has Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, but everyone has an email address these days. Meaning: having a smart marketing strategy but not sending out stellar newsletters to your existing clients and potential clients is like trying to drive a vehicle with only three tires instead of four. Yes, you’ll be able to drive it, but it won’t go as fast as you’d hope.

A smart newsletter strategy isn’t just about the content, a newsletter design also plays a major role. Whether or not a user is going to read your email, let alone click on any links in it, depends on how well you structure and design your newsletter.

In order to put together a visually stunning newsletter, our team of professional designers at WebsLaw uses the following techniques:

  • Optimizing a newsletter for mobile devices (people spend significantly more time on their mobile devices than on a desktop or laptop. It’s a fact)
  • Using a clean and organized layout (users don’t want to see mess when they open a promotional email, which is why your newsletter should be free of any unnecessary distractions; aim for simplicity and be to-the-point and concise)
  • Keeping text short and catchy (Internet users’ attention span is declining year by year, which is why any information provided in your newsletter should be easy to scan and read; in other words, if you treat your newsletter as your novel, don’t be surprised if people will keep unsubscribing)
  • Creating visual hierarchy (it might sound like a complicated term, but the concept is pretty simple: you should highlight what’s important in your newsletter through the use of position, size, color, contrast and shapes)
  • Setting the mood with color (the choice of color plays a major in your newsletter, which is why the color you choose for your promotional email should always reflect the message you’re trying to send)
  • Capturing a reader’s attention through the visual aspect and content and
  • Driving content to your law firm’s website (a newsletter can be a useful “call to action” tool to direct readers where you need them to go).

It’s only a short list of the benefits of a newsletter. If your newsletter strategy fits your agenda, it can achieve much more than you can imagine.

As one of very few online marketing companies for law firms in the United States, WebsLaw can help you create newsletter design that brings you the desired results and makes your competitors bite the dust. If you need a digital marketing firm with a tremendous success rate and high retention rate of clients, give us a call.