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Media Marketing

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say the phrase “media marketing”? Is it uploading some photos to your Instagram account and then advertising these photos via the social media platform? Wrong.

Although there’s no denying that social media campaigning is an integral part of any digital marketing plan, recording videos can be just as important, though most law firms don’t use videos as part of their marketing strategy. Here at WebsLaw, our team has experts who will write a script, direct, produce, and shoot videos to showcase your expertise in the realm of law and show your potential clients that you’re a human being just like them, not some robot who has learned thousands of legal terms and can throw them around at any given opportunity.


Ask any screenwriter, director, and produce in the movie industry and he or she will tell you that writing a script, directing and producing a movie is a complex process. Shooting videos for a law firm as part of its digital marketing strategy can be just as complex, because it requires plenty of creative thinking, time, effort, and skill.


Regardless of whether we’re shooting a short video for our client’s home page, introductory video for the client’s About Us page, or informative video for the client’s blog, our video team at WebsLaw always makes sure that the sound is at its best with no audio quality issues whatsoever.

Video Design

When a potential client visits your website and begins navigating it and reading your content, he or she imagines your law firm as a team of employees in dark suits who frown all the time and speak legalese. Your client has no idea who you are or how you look like. In fact, when a law firm’s website is built poorly, a potential client might even think that you’re a robot and may therefore be reluctant to schedule a phone call with our “robotic” and unsympathetic lawyers.

A video is your unique chance to showcase the real you, to show your potential clients that you are a human being just like them. All of that can be achieved with a video that convinces your potential client to see that you’re sympathetic and can actually help them solve their legal problems, answer their questions, support them, and be become their friend-slash-advocate for the next few weeks, months, or even years.

Video Optimization

WebsLaw is one of very few marketing firms that take advantage of videos in a digital marketing plan. Other law firms that use videos as part of their marketing strategy only do a short homepage video, which plays on a loop while the user is navigating the site. Here at WebsLaw, our video experts believe that it’s very important to stay connected to your existing and new clients by producing videos on a quarterly basis. This only takes one or two hours of your time, but can make a huge difference in attracting new clients and helping you create a positive company image.