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Local Targeting & Research

You know what they say, “There’s always room for improvement,” and our marketing experts at WebsLaw couldn’t agree more. One of our advanced marketing strategies are local targeting, research, and website audit, which provide you with fresh insights about your overall website performance and its ranking in search engines, among other things.

These tools help identify weak points in your website performance and SEO so that you can always track your digital marketing progress and see if your current strategy is bringing you the desired results.

Website Audit

Doing a website and SEO audit is not a joke. Auditing your website is a complex process that will help you scan and grade your website, and analyze all the factors that affect the website’s visibility in search engines.

Think of a website audit as a surgeon who dissects a body to perform a surgery. Auditing your website helps evaluate the “health” of your website and provides you with surgical tools to remove harmful factors and fix vital organs of your website to improve traffic and conversions, enhance SEO, and optimize your website in a way that helps it rank highly in search engines.

Website Optimization For Search Engines

Website optimization consists of many steps ranging from designing your website from scratch to writing top-quality content for your blog and adding relevant keywords on the website. Here at WebsLaw, our marketing experts who specialize in law firm marketing understand the importance of optimizing all components of your website to be more SEO-friendly and satisfy search engines.

Website optimization for search engines includes not only adding relevant keywords, but also creating and editing meta tags, adding image tags, adding inbound links, and optimizing other components of your website to make sure that your law firm’s website will be strongly indexed by search engines.

Google Listings

Unfortunately, many other marketing firms underestimate the importance of Google listings, which serve as the core element of local SEO. If you create your Google listing properly, you can super-charge it with detailed information about your law firm, which can substantially increase your website’s online visibility whenever a user’s search includes one of your relevant keywords.

The more structured and detailed your Google listing, the better Google’s machines and robots “understand” your website and its content. As a result, this will have a major impact on placing your website higher in Google rankings, which increases traffic and boosts conversion rates.