Tips On How Your Law Firm Can Benefit From Social Media Interaction
Do you have a Law firm and looking for Social Media Interaction then you should follow the mentioned tricks in the blog, you will be able to garner the attention of the social networkers faster.
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Tips On How Your Law Firm Can Benefit From Social Media Interaction

Apr 6, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Social Media

You must have read how law firms use the social media for furthering their businesses. Granted, the social networking sites are vast and it takes time to get the hang of it. However, if you follow the below mentioned tricks, you will be able to garner attention of the social networkers faster.

Learn what is already going on about your law firm

Check the social media sites and do a search for the name of your law firm and your lawyers. You will find posts where the name of your firm and/or of your lawyers was mentioned. You need to focus on the positive posts and thank them for their time and effort. Also, leave a link to your blog post and request people to leave their comments there. In such thank you comments, you could also share news related to your law firm such as its revamped website, an award recognition, a successful lecture etc.

Find your target audience

For using the social network for your benefit, you need to get in touch with your target audience. Determine the keywords that define your practice areas. You should also consider words that may especially be used by the age group of your target audience. Once you have the list, you should do a search with the keywords. It will let you know of the individuals as well as groups that have used the keywords in their posts. Now, these groups are important because their members are your target audience.

Establish rapport with your target audience

There are several ways of interacting with the audience. However, you need to have a good number of direct connections. Hence, start by adding your current clients and post regular updates. If there is interesting news, share with your connections. You could also post a yes/no question. This trick works with every niche, as people can participate without spending too much time. Later on, you could start your own group and give free advice to people. Encourage them to ask questions so that there is more participation and you get closer to your prospective clients.

Get all your lawyers to have active social media accounts

Even the newest lawyer on your team should have a Facebook and Twitter account. Ask them to post updates just like you do and you should all like and retweet one another’s posts. It is how you can have great social media influence.

Track success on social media using software or hiring professional help

It is important that you keep track of what you do on social media. It will help you focus on tactics that are working for you. There are applications, which inform you when someone has posted comment or asked a question on a networking website. The software also counts the number of visitors that come to your website via Facebook and Twitter. Although, you need to purchase the software, it is a good investment. Alternatively, you could get in touch with a company that manages social media marketing campaigns for law firms.

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