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Best SEO & Design for Personal Injury Law Firms in Kansas City

Kansa City, Missouri has a style and culture of their own. As you research and study the market there you’ll quickly realize that the design approaches are pretty simple but with a touch of Kansas City class. It’s difficult to explain but there is just more of a subtle approach when it comes to design. This makes it more difficult to be really out of the box when it comes to design. You actually have to slow down the gears on your design team BUT overall, I really like the new design for Peddicord & Townsend by the WebsLaw design team. “Have to give a shout out to Barry Ryan for changing out the banner image with the one you see above.” The team at Peddicord & Townsend are hard working, smart, classy Personal Injury Trial Attorneys. Happy to have them on board with us!

The previous vendor controller was FindLaw. I really feel like the website just sat there. Why? I would show you their results before we went live with the new concept but I won’t even go there. Oh, screw it! I’ll show you a tad bit as to where the website was before we took over.

The two images above (enlarged) show 40 terms in the personal injury marketing of Kansas City, Missouri. The numbers you see to the right of each keyword phrase represents the position of that particular keyword phrase. As you can see, they were in “nowhere” land before we took over.

Now for the fun screenshots. You probably heard me mention Peddicord & Townsend in my previous video speaking about a new client in Cleveland, Ohio. Check this out!

This is really where we should just go ahead and “drop the mic” Who said you can’t speak about rankings, traffic, and conversions? Oh right, the guys that CAN’T get it done! The numbers in green represent how many positions the keywords to the left have increased in the search engines. Dramatic change! This why I feel like the website just “sat there” with the previous vendor. Oh, and did I mention, these results were accomplished in less than 30 days. What’s even better is that Harsh and his team called the jump before we went live. Yes, we do have friendly bets at WebsLaw on how quick our results kick in.

The 40 terms you see above are important for so many reasons but I’ll just give you a simple formula to always think about. Position Ranking=Traffic=Conversions. The higher up you are, the more traffic you get to your website and that’s when you begin converting your traffic into conversions or leads. You can show 400 keyword phrases on pages one between positions 1-5 but if it’s not the competitive and main terms you see above, you most likely won’t see success online. Example; “Fatal Car Accident Attorney”. Is this a good term? Yes, it is but it is not a relevant term in the competition. Why? How many users do you think search for a “fatal” accident attorney unless the incident was actually fatal? Exactly, none.


I will prove this by example:

Fatal Car Accident Attorney

The above image shows an approximate volume metric for the term ‘Fatal Car Accident Attorney”. I’ve circled 10 in green. Typically you will see 10 or 100 volume when there isn’t enough data or traffic for the term. Now take a look at the next term.

Car Accident Attorney

The volume for “Car Accident Attorney” without the keyword “fatal” shows 8.1k volume. A much more relevant term in the search engines. Does this mean you shouldn’t also focus on “fatal”? No, it just means you need to have both to run a successful practice.

My most recent obsession has been to search for other mention-worthy designs I find in the same area. I like to go through at least 5 pages. I provide the vendor and the law firm I feel are worthy of mention based on design and SEO. At times I won’t mention SEO and just design for obvious reasons. To mention  SEO, the website first has to be worthy of design.


Scorpion- I thought this was a very cool and modern updated design by Scorpion. Out of the 40 terms I mention in this post, only 8 are on page one. This is a long time client of Scorpion. This is not the first design Scorpion has updated for this firm but it is the latest.

As I go through the different Personal Injury Law Firms in Kansas City, Missouri, I realize that several are powered by the same SEO provider. What typically happens in this scenario is that your clients end up competing agaisnt each other under the same roof. With only 10 spots available on the first page of the search engine, how safe is it to have more than one or two firms that you represent. What do you tell your third or fourth when both parties realize they won’t be able to join the SEO benefits of our your other website clients? 


iLawyerMarketing- iLawyer has a couple of websites but I found this one to be intriguing. I follow many of their websites across the country. The designs follow a unique pattern with attorney images in the banner of the website.

I searched through five pages and found the majority to follow templated design versions. Nothing unique or to my taste so my search stops in Kansas City here until next time. Enjoy! “D.Z”

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