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Best Personal Injury SEO and Design in Cleveland

Jun 26, 2019
Denis Zilberberg

I would like to welcome our most recent client, Joseph Paulozzi and his team to WebsLaw. Paulozzi Injury Lawyers are the go-to injury team in Cleveland. They have been wonderful at pinpointing what they want and how they want it. It is important to know what you want even if it starts with a shade of color. This is truly one of my favorite designs by WebsLaw and our design team.

I unconsciously made a recording of the firm’s online results in an attempt to show WebsLaw team members what before and after results should look like but instead I thought I would just go ahead and share this rough draft of a video with everyone.

Before going live with the new design and SEO video:

You will hear many “uhm’s” but just ignore those if you can and check out the visibility before we went live. 

You’ll notice that their visibility is a little over 2%. Take it, we start on offsite SEO even before we go live with a website. It gives us about a one month head start I’d say. We did launch the same day as the video was recorded.


Post Launch Video release dated 06-26-2019:

This Friday will give us a full 7 days of analytics on the Paulozzi LPA website you’ll find yesterdays post-launch video only five days after going live very interesting. During the video, the visibility is over 4% compared to the 2% before we went live but today as I write this post, we’re already over 5% visibility. Now we use many tools but I like the visibility scores in SEMRush since it is based off the keywords you add and the traffic that you are rewarded with when increasing your keywords to top positions.

The dates we went live with the website VS the changes in the results are relevant to the chart spike dates you see above.

Now it might seem as though a 5% visibility score is not that relevant in the Cleveland SEO market but you do have to remember that we focus on a very competitive list of 40 terms. As each term increases in results and position, the visibility score increases with that. I’ll go ahead and take a pat on the back for even showing what goes on the first week : )

Before I end this post, I did want to mention a couple of websites I thought were worthy of showing you guys.

No Vendor- I thought this was a very nice design. I love the choice of color shades used here.

I really did try searching for other designs I can mention and based on my personal opinion, the above design is really all I enjoyed out of 5 Google page searches. “D.Z”

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