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Best Seattle Personal Injury Design & SEO

Jun 20, 2019
Denis Zilberberg
Best Personal Injury Law Websites in Seattle

I see this all the time. A website with no presence in a more prominent area simply because an SEO vendor assumes it is impossible, to competitive or just not productive to their SEO concept. But, isn’t that what we’re here for? The challenge and drive to overcome the impossible. That has always been the standard for us SEO dudes and dudettes. Of course, much of this has changed for many. If you can’t get it done, well, let’s think of other things we can do to divert from what’s more complicated, right? Wrong!

Seattle, Washington is not nearly as competitive as, NYC, LA or Chicago but it does have it’s own nice piece of valued traffic real estate at about 1 million population. Typically you see vendors ousting their page one results only. Some don’t even have anything to really rant about. In this article, I will show you a website in progress and on its way to pages one while never having a presence in the Seattle market organically.

Russell & Hill are probably one of my top three favorite clients. These guys are go-getters and they get the job done! Not easy to find these days. Along with their awesome character traits, they have an unbelievable team to support their firm goals. I can’t say the vendor before us did a horrible job, they did not. They had the firm positioned well in all the smaller areas of Washington just not so much the more competitive areas. You’ll find a small term outline below showing where the firm ranked in Seattle before we took over.

  • car accident attorney Seattle #70
  • Seattle car accident attorney #91
  • car accident lawyer Seattle #100
  • Seattle car accident lawyer #100

For those of you that do not already know, these are considered to be “nowhere to be found” results. Just four terms to start before I continue but let’s take a look at where they are today. Remember, this is a newer project released in March of 2019 so you must consider the transparency I provide in the results below.

car accident attorney Seattle (From #70 to #14 today)



Seattle car accident attorney (From #91 to #16 today)

car accident lawyer Seattle (From #100 to #23 today)

Seattle car accident lawyer (From #100 to #23 today)

You’re probably thinking, “You’re sure as hell confident showing results going downward!” right? Folks, this is the game the pros play. Results have to go up and down before they stabilize but with that said, you can see the four terms I share have gone up significantly in a short period of time. I will provide a second post showing further results but I thought it would be interesting to show you what happens before all the good stuff happens.

Design- This firm design is a little different from our other portfolio designs. In fact, all of our designs are unique in their own way. When you visit the website, the banner engages the user with clouds. Yes, moving clouds. This is something our design team put together and I’m happy to say I was not involved but overall a very cool feature.

My favorite part of the homepage is the settlements and verdict section pointing out the different geo locations the firm has been successful in. It’s practical but engaging and interactive. If you hover your mouse over the different sections, the map mirrors back visual effects.

We usually enjoy taking a more aggressive design approach but at Russell & Hill, the firm knows what they want and that’s the best of clients. The concept did turn out to be clean, crisp but still holds attributes and triggers where it counts.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been catching our projects on other vendor sites and I thought it was a unique idea. We all have our own version of design appeal. I’m going to list a few sites I feel are worthy of mention whether it is for design or SEO related appeal below.

APRICOTLAW- This reminds me of a billboard website. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it. I just find it interesting. The corner triggers I thought were very cool. Slightly busy for my taste but still a very nice design by Apricot.

I did look through the first few pages and maybe Seattle has different taste but I was only able to pinpoint one more design I do enjoy.

iLawyerMarketing- I’ve seen this design before but just haven’t had a chance to write about it. iLawyer did a pretty cool damn job with the modern approach they took. I enjoy seeing the small details of brand through their concepts. They did well on the SEO for this firm as well.


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