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Best Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Design and SEO

Jun 19, 2019
Denis Zilberberg
Best Employment Law Websites in Los Angeles

SEO is constantly changing, so just “researching” the market and marketing techniques is no longer good enough. You must have data. With that comes progress and results for your clients. Those coming in now with, a lack of knowledge in a very competitive market, might as well close shop and move on.

You hear it all the time but yes, it is still very possible to have your firm’s website on page one of the search engines.

There are only a few SEO companies in the country that can actually make it happen and WebsLaw happens to be one of them. We have a steady track record of great results in some of the most competitive markets in the country. Los Angeles, California happens to be one of them.

Los Angeles is the number two metropolitan area in the United States, behind only New York and in front of Chicago. There are more law firms in LA than you could count if you had the time. Even in your particular practice area, there are probably hundreds of firms all competing for the same valuable real estate.

What is that valuable real estate? Showing up on page one while you boon off the traffic and conversions coming from our website.

We recently re-designed the Kaufman Law Firm website and I figured it’s time to showcase some of our work. Take a look at it and see how great it looks. It has everything a firm needs to keep a client on the page when they visit. If you’re in the game, you’ll appreciate this design.

The overall design of the site looks fantastic but is not overwhelming to the visitor. Remember, you want a prospective client to get to your site and stay there. All of the pages we design for clients focus on these details. We typically focus on Personal Injury marketing but were curious to see what we can do for Employment Law, specifically in the Los Angeles market. We quickly realized that the Employment and Wrongful Termination market in Los Angeles is just as, if not more competitive, but with some tweaks (actual hard work) here and there, the firm is doing very well.

If you’re ranking for only one variation of your phrase, you’re not really ranking, so I’m showing you examples of the different variations Kaufman ranks for.


  1. Practice area attorney city
  2. City practice area attorney
  3. Practice area lawyer city
  4. City practice area lawyer

Where do you always hear about employment discrimination or harassment lawsuits coming from? How about wrongful termination? Los Angeles is the hub.

A little insight on the results above. If we look at a Forbes article that discusses why the Los Angeles SEO market is so competitive, we notice that they talk about the ramifications of being on the first page or results.

  • 91% of people never go past the first page when they conduct a search.

Let’s go back to the wrongful termination search from earlier. If you look closer at the results, you will also see the Rager Law Firm show up on page one. They are also our client. (New design to be revealed).

Not only have we gotten one firm to the top of the search results in a competitive market – we’ve got two of them there.

What does this mean?

It really goes back to what I mentioned earlier. There are only a few companies that can do this and we happen to be one of them.

In my opinion, two websites serviced by other vendors I believe are worthy of mention:

LawLytics – A fresh and clean website design. Easy to navigate through. Not ranked very well in the engines but worthy mention of design.

iLawyermarketing – iLawyermarketing is known for their modern design approach. This is definitely an appealing design.

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