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Top Personal Injury SEO & Design in Charlotte, NC

Jul 4, 2019
Denis Zilberberg
Top Personal Injury SEO & Design in Charlotte

Potential clients can only find a Top Personal Injury Law Firm once they have joined a Top SEO Personal Injury SEO company. Yes, I just gave WebsLaw a pat on the back. You’ll find that we work with a strong base of Personal Injury law firms in the country and our new family at Brown Moore & Associates are the perfect addition to our portfolio. Jamie Roth, our Regional Vice President is very picky when it comes to clients we work with. Brown Moore & Associates was a great decision!

I personally monitor the data and analytics on this firm and let me tell you, they are doing great! I love this design. It shouts Charlotte, North Carolina in so many ways for me. The design doesn’t jump in your face forcing you to bounce as quickly as possible but instead warms up to you and keeps you engaged. Split testing has shown that users enjoy the warm colors, smiles and other triggers available through the website.

Visibility is up by about 3% today. The percentage definitely varies but overall I have only seen increases since day one. Remember, my scores are based on 40 main personal injury terms and the 12.95% you see in the image above is based on how many of those terms are between 1-5 on page one and what type of volume those terms produce in the engine. The average thus far across the country has been about 6-7% with a variety of vendors I closely follow and monitor.

23 out of my 40 terms are on page one. In green, you see small and large increases. Consider that these are only 30-day results in green. This is what you want to see when a digital marketing agency is working for your firm. Take it, websites do fall into issues and not everyone instantly will see a dramatic change. Here are some of the things you have to consider when a true and experienced SEO company takes over your website.

  • Where were your rankings before we took over?
  • How badly did the previous vendor screw your website up?
  • What type of history did your vendor provide to the engines?
  • What type of backlinks did your previous vendor establish?

This is just a few points. Most of the time, we just experience websites that just sat there with ZERO attention or love. I always mention this and I will again in this article. “You must treat your website domain the way you treat your credit history.” If you make late car payments, it will reflect on your credit score. Your website domain is no different. If you treat it badly, Google will reflect your score no different then Experian, Transunion, and Equifax.

Now, I love a website that does well and let me tell you, Brown Moore & Associates will be if not already the top ranking firm in Charlotte. This is what we do at WebsLaw.

All of that being said, it’s time for me to list the websites I feel, in my opinion, are worthy to mention of design and SEO. In order for SEO to be mentioned, I first have to pick a worthy design. If that worthy design is also worthy of SEO, I will mention it clearly. I always go through 5 pages on Google while searching for a variety of keyword terms. Here we go!


Netowrk Affiliates Inc- I have no clue who this vendor is BUT I am a sucker for a nice header (banner). I mean look, the guys at this company did a decent job. Plus, they have personal injury on page one. I mean, shit, they have had this firm for years. I only went back to 2015 but that gives them 4 years on SEO already. My results for Brown Moore & Associates in this article are 4 months worth : ) One way or another, I promised designs I like and so here is powered by Netowrk Affiliates Inc.


Pronto- I know, literally everyone is blurred out in the background BUT her smile along with a few color tones caught my attention. Is it something special? No. Does it do really well in the search engines? No. The design is worthy of mention. It is clean, crisp and the ladies of the firm are shown on the practice area pages. Overall, an engaging design. They need some serious SEO love!

Alright, I did go through five pages as I promise. I did find several Scorpion and FindLaw websites but you already know how I feel about have multiple websites in the same location (stop forcing your clients to compete against each other!). The two worthy design mentions above are what I have for you in Charlotte right now. Charlotte is a nice market. It is a busy traffic market believe it or now.

Remember to contact Jamie Roth for your Charlotte Personal Injury marketing needs. We’re limited and don’t take on just anyone. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! “D.Z”

Happy 4th of July!

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