Top 4 Reasons You Should Enlist Your Firm On Online Legal Directories
Legal directories hold more importance than you think for your law firm There are a lot of benefits associated with it, which are Direct leads from your online legal directory account. Read out the reason behind why you should list.
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Top 4 Reasons You Should Enlist Your Firm On Online Legal Directories

Apr 7, 2017
Denis Zilberberg

Legal directories hold more importance than you think. More than anything else, people rely on internet for learning about trustworthy law firms. They open a search engine and type in the kind of lawyer they need. Now, if your website contained the exact words that the prospective client typed then it will appear in the search results. Otherwise, it will not.

However, online directories appear with almost every kind of keywords because they are better optimized. Hence, even if your website is not rich in keywords, by enlisting your firm in these online legal directories, you stand a good chance of being noticed by your prospective client. There are other benefits associated with it, which are

Direct leads from your online legal directory account

Many directories allow legal firms to create an elaborate profile, upload videos, and include a contact us form. This wonderful feature lets the prospective client learn about the firm in detail and get in touch with it. Through the form, you will get details about prospective clients, who are actually looking for legal advice. Hence, leads from directories are extraordinary.

Divert traffic to your website

Although after learning the name of your firm, a person can find your website through a search engine, the directory makes it even easier. A few legal directories allow you to post links of website, blog, and social media pages. It is the easiest way for the client to know about the law firm. A few other directories also invite lawyers to generate content in the form of articles, legal news analysis, how-to-guides, etc. By writing for these directories, you can make visitors aware of your legal knowledge and stand out from the crowd. It is how you can give the visitor a good reason to click the website/blog link.

Manage your online reputation

Legal directories invite reviews from clients. Such reviews seem more authentic to people because law firms cannot control them. That is why a good review in a legal directory can boost your reputation many times more than the ones on your website and social media accounts. Hence, you should request your clients to leave reviews on these directories. You could also post directory links on your website and blog. Visitors would click the links and they would reach the review page instantly. Review websites like also allow the lawyers to endorse one another. Endorsements from other lawyers can establish you as an expert.

Appear in local search

Google’s local search displays names of only those businesses whose NAP (name, address and phone number) is consistent throughout all the websites. Apart from your website and social media accounts, you can mention your firm’s address and phone numbers in the profile page of the online directories. It is a way of establishing your physical presence online. Google would find a proof of your firm being a genuine one. Make sure, the NAP is consistent all over, as the Google local search algorithm matches all the available NAPs across different websites.

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