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An internet marketing firm like Webslaw can help you determine your social media goals and get you started on the right path.
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Facebook Marketing Tips to Get You Started

Nov 2, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Social Media

Firms will often forget the importance of social media, especially Facebook. There are many ways to use the platform aside from simply posting a status once in a while. You can use Facebook as an added advertising method with campaigns and customer outreach. With so much potential you may get overwhelmed by what you can accomplish. The key is to stay focused on your goal. Find a clear-cut goal and base your posts, interactions and ads around that. Think about where you stand with your business and what you want to achieve. An internet marketing firm like Webslaw can help you determine your social media goals and get you started on the right path.

Facebook Ads

Likes or followers are a crucial aspect of every campaign because without them you are essentially talking to yourself. First work on building your audience which will work like a domino effect by making you more popular and more and more people will follow you. When creating an ad campaign include a clear and direct call to action. Facebook ads will appear in a user’s timeline and seem organic. Make sure it is inviting and they know what they are looking at since attention spans do not last long. Your ad headline will also need to be well thought and creative to attract followers. Aside from your image, your headline is the other main aspect of your Facebook ad.

Targeting Your Ads

Before creating an ad, what is your target audience? Facebook offers targeting tools for paid ads. Facebook will allow you to target users by location, age, gender, relationship status, language, education, career and a lot more. Of course, you will need to have answers to these questions prior to logging into Facebook. Being able to pinpoint your target audience and having Facebook reach them is a tremendous advantage during ad campaigns. Some firms choose to target current followers while others choose to expand out. You can start to expand slowly by targeting friends of friends or do a more random expansion campaign where you reach everyone, everywhere. The random expansion campaign can work against you by attracting an audience that isn’t relevant to your services. Facebook provides a potential audience meter which allows you to adjust your ad campaign accordingly.

Other Tips and Tricks

When sharing a blog post, include your own photo and a bitty URL. Make sure the image is created and don’t be scared to use text on your image. If possible, use videos as they have high engagement rates. Facebook has a larger character count than Twitter but this should not incline you to have an entire article in your post. Try to keep it between 100 and 250 characters. Keep it short and sweet. Make sure your cover photo is reflective of the firm and the season. Post consistently throughout the day. Webslaw marketing gurus can always post on your behalf.

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