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Online marketing is crucial in today's world where 80% of new business is found online. Contact us today to go over your options.
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Branding Using Human Centered Content

Oct 28, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Digital Marketing, SEO

Branding your website and yourself is one of the most important aspects of a business but is also one of the most challenging. It is crucial to have a clear brand identity because every person that interacts with your brand is a potential client. Taking on the task of marketing on your own is tedious and connecting with the right clients can be doesn’t have to be with the help of an online marketing company like Webslaw.

Reasons Customer Connection is Difficult

Connecting with customers can be difficult for a variety of reasons, one of those being that creating content takes time. Potential clients are bombarded with advertisements daily and this means content needs to be unique and authentic to connect with clients. Social media is taking over and consumers have a shorter attention span which means you need to have content that connects and fast. Visual branding is also important because the consumer will often search online prior to engaging with a brand. Authentic brands need to engage with potential clients to gain their trust.

Human-Centered Design

Human-centered designs aim to make a brand more appealing to new clients while also keeping the interest of existing ones. Clients want a memorable experience when they visit your website and they also need a unique experience. Consumers want to feel connected to your brand. This is done by creating consistent content. This can be difficult for some firms who may not have the time or the manpower to do so. That’s where we can help. We have dedicated legal writers who work to build creative and unique content that meets your firm’s needs and voice.

Creating Human-Centered Content

When visiting a website, one of the first things that catch a client’s eyes are the photos. Having intuitive photos that are comforting instead of traumatizing will build trust with potential clients. They will feel that you can empathize with their situation and help them obtain desirable results. Always think of the customer when creating your designs, after all, you are trying to bring them into your office. These tools should be used throughout your marketing materials not just on your website.

Why Webslaw

This can all sound like a lot to manage and maintain but don’t get overwhelmed because we can help. Our expert designers know what it takes to build your website and create engaging content that will draw in potential clients. Our content is always unique and tailored to your practice areas and brand identity. We can also help guide your brand identity and implement custom SEO strategies that will be putting you exactly where you want to be on Google. Once we have tackled you initial expectations we will work on exceeding them with fresh new ideas and constant strategies that will make all the difference. Online marketing is crucial in today’s world where 80% of new business is found online. Don’t be left in the dark while other attorneys are getting the clients you deserve. Contact us today to go over your options.

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