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Our content writers and SEO team are always looking for relevant topics and creating attention-grabbing headlines that readers can't help but draw their eyes to.
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Blog Headlines and Their Impact on Your Business

Oct 27, 2017
Denis Zilberberg

We all know that the title of a blog is the first thing most clients will see which is why it is important to choose a catchy and effective headline. The blog title also needs to be sharable for clients and followers. Studies have found that about 89% of content isn’t shared over 100 times! This brings up many issues and leaves untapped clients on the table. You can’t afford to let this happen. At Webslaw, we have internet marketing gurus that can help take your firm to the next level. Our content writers and SEO team are always looking for relevant topics and creating attention-grabbing headlines that readers can’t help but draw their eyes to.

Common Do’s

Lists post are more likely to be shared more than 1,000 times but far too often are underused by firms. List posts do well on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. How many lists posts are you creating? Posts that use you and your more often are also more commonly shared. This means that clients like to see themselves while reading the content. Clients also like to find a positive outcome to a somewhat troubling situation. Something that is not commonly done when sharing a post is creating custom headlines for each social channel. This means you can share the same article but target the post differently on each network. Certain terms and phrases that work on one network may not work on another. Yes, this can take some more time but it can be worth it to get those shares and traffic up. Facebook, even though some think is being outdone by Twitter, has shown it is not going anywhere and is actually where the most content is shared. Clients run off emotions and seemingly emotional headlines attract more readers.

Elements of a headline

The headline copy is the most important part of the text because it is what attracts readers to the blog or site and they then become intrigued about the rest of the text. On a Google search the character count is cut off after 65 so if your title is longer than this, readers may not see the full title and miss out on a great article. Try to keep titles to a max of 6 words. On any search engine, readers are often in a hurry to find what they are looking for a lengthy headline can discourage them from even clicking on the article, to begin with. Some tips when creating headlines is to use interesting adjectives and numbers like statistics or numbers of a list. Some key things to remember when creating a headline are trigger words, a keyword, a promise and an adjective. These are the basic things to remember when creating an effective headline that will bring in readers and potential clients. Keep in mind that when you create a headline it has to match the content and there are headlines that do fail. Common reasons that headlines fail aside from being clickbait headlines is they are not specific, an improper word meaning usage and not matching the content to the headline. This is all a lot to consider for what most people think is a simple headline but it is crucial to draw clients in. Webslaw uses many of these strategies and other internet marketing strategies to get your articles the attention they deserve.

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