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Facebook is not as easy to manage as some may think. It is good to stay up to date with current Facebook marketing tips that you may need going forward.
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Your Facebook marketing tips

Sep 14, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Digital Marketing, Social Media

Facebook has evolved into a great marketing platform over the years. With over 2.01 million active users, your firm’s potential exposure is limitless. But Facebook is not as easy to manage as some may think. It is good to stay up to date with current Facebook marketing tips that you may need going forward.

Video marketing

Although videos on Facebook only account for 7.15 % of all posts, this percentage is growing as we speak. These posts are very popular and visual-friendly. If you have not considered video marketing in this important social media platform, it’s never too late to begin. An online marketing company such as WebsLaw can take your video marketing to the next level. Whether you choose to create your own videos or hire a professional, never underestimate the power of video upload.

Customize your audience

Facebook allows you to create custom audiences so you can target specific groups or potential clients to your page. You can pick the right demographics to target and they will come requesting your services. It’s important to draw the right audience into your content. Although being popular is a great thing, being selective is smarter.


One of the most profitable advertising tools online is retargeting campaigns. You can advertise to people that have already visited your site and shown interest. You can do this by installing a Facebook tracking pixel, which helps track conversions and builds your custom audience.

Video captioning

Don’t forget to add captions to your videos. Video captioning is available on Facebook. But why is this so important? Because 90% of Facebook users watch videos without sound, which means your videos will be read. You can either add captions yourself or hire a professional to do it. Whatever you do, don’t lose your audience over caps.


Calls to actions are still part of the deal. You can add this functionality to your Facebook business page. These are generally located in the bottom right-hand corner. It can help you drive some extra traffic to your site.

Your email list can be uploaded

If you have a large list of clients, you can upload their emails into Facebook and advertise to all your current or potential clients. It’s a great tool as you can touch on important subjects relevant to your client’ needs. Campaigns are a great way to engage old clients and attract new ones. The more your clients interact with you in social media, the more opportunities to establish a lasting partnership.

Prompt replies

This is crucial to the success of your firm. Facebook is definitely taking into consideration response time in their algorithm. Also, remember that response times appear on your page so your fans will see how active and reliable you are. Nobody wants to hire an attorney that is never on time. So be sure to respond as quickly as possible. Be personal and make your page fun and engaging!

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