Include These 4 Highly Effective Online Marketing Tips Right Away
Are you doing online marketing then you need to tweak your marketing tactics occasionally. Here are 4 useful tips that will better your tactics.
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Include These 4 Highly Effective Online Marketing Tips Right Away

Apr 5, 2017
Denis Zilberberg

Online marketing strategy is evolving at a great pace. With search engines and social media becoming increasingly intuitive, you need to tweak your marketing tactics occasionally. Here are 4 useful tips that will better your tactics:

Use keywords with your location

Check your selection of keywords. Do they include only generic terms like ‘lawyer’, ‘lawyer New York’, or ‘attorney’? While these keywords are relevant but they cannot bring you cases. They are too broad. Meaning, their target audience is too vast. Just think, with the keyword ‘lawyer New York’, you are targeting the entire population of New York. However, if your law firm is in Manhattan, a resident from Brooklyn will not choose your law firm over the ones that are situated in Brooklyn itself. The important point to note is that your prospective client will prefer to hire a lawyer that is near his residence or workplace. Therefore, you had better chances of getting clients if you focused on keywords like lawyer Manhattan or personal injury lawyer Manhattan.

Create Google+ business page

It is easier to make a Google+ business page than you think, and its result will surely exceed your expectations. Through your Gmail account, you need to make a Google+ account first and then, the business page. It is basically for local searches. Make sure you fill the business profile correctly and fully. Post images and mention social media account links of your law firm. Once the business page is ready, your law firm will appear on Google Maps. So anyone searching for a law firm from your locality will find yours. For making your firm more prominent, you need to get good ratings. Google rates every business based on the number of positive reviews. Therefore, you should start requesting your clients to review your services on Google.

Get your firm listed on a legal directory

Legal directories like Avvo allow law firms to create a professional looking profile. These directories are popular, which is why many people visit them with a view to hiring an attorney. Besides, the SEO of the directories is strong and regularly updated with new keywords. This feature makes these websites more open to the search engines; the spiders can index the pages more easily. Consequently, you can get traffic for the keywords, for which your site is not yet optimized. Another great benefit is credibility. A host of prestigious law firms is listed on these directories. When your law firm’s name will appear on the same list as these high-profile firms, it will bolster your reputation as well.

Socialize online through Facebook and Twitter

Do not make the mistake of leaving out social media from your marketing campaign. People share their happiness and woes on these networking sites and many of their woes are of legal nature. If they know that they have an able lawyer on Facebook/Twitter, they will not mind getting in touch with him/her over social media. Truthfully, people are more comfortable sending messages on Facebook/Twitter than writing emails. Hence, by being active on the social network, you can have direct interaction with your target audience.

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