4 Fantastic Ways of Using Twitter for Marketing during This Holiday Season
How to do Twitter Marketing for your business during the holiday. Read out top 4 ways by which you can grow your business.
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4 Fantastic Ways of Using Twitter for Marketing during This Holiday Season

Apr 4, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Social Media

During holidays, people do visit social media. In fact, this time of the year, they are relaxed and they would read your content with more patience. Hence, do not abstain from using your law firm Twitter account because you can now reach out to a plenty of potential clients by putting to use these 4 strategies:

Create a holiday specific hashtag

What are the most common keywords that people are likely to use during the holiday season? You can think of some yourself. They will be like holidays, Christmas, New Year, happy 2016, etc. You can search for more on Twitter. Now, you need to create customized hashtags. Some of the examples could be #legaladviceholidays, #10legaltipschristmas, etc.

With such hashtags, your tweets will appear whenever someone will look for the holiday related keywords. Remember to add regular hashtags like #lawyer, #attorneyNewYork, etc. so that you do not miss people, who are actually looking for advices from lawyers.

Learn what your target audience would like to read

Think of the ways you could help your potential clients this holiday season. If you are a personal injury lawyer, you could advise people on safe driving, as they visit their friends and relatives. Create an advice series and everyday post a tweet as advice. You could also write a blog on how to stop a loved one from drunk driving and post a tweet with the article link. People would like to read something that would benefit them during the holidays. Therefore, you should write content, which is specifically relevant to this period.

Happy news results in more retweets

If you are pressed for time and cannot create content, you should look for happy news, which is related to your area of expertise. An employment lawyer could share news where an employee has won a case against harassment or discrimination. Similarly, a divorce lawyer could tweet a link to news where a wife gets custody of children against an abusive husband. Such winning stories make people curious and they retweet to share them with others. Make sure your tweets contain a little background about the case.

Share what your firm is up to

You need not be always serious with your social media interaction. You would benefit greatly if you tweeted and shared photos of the new member on your team, holiday party held at your office, or new interior decoration.

You could also share a group photo of all your lawyers mentioning how some of them have been working for years now. In fact, any information, which alludes to the fact that your law firm is present in brick and mortar, and holds years of experience, is worth sharing with the online community.

Additionally, you should also mention any community service or charity that your law firm plans to engage in during the holidays. If you are one of the organizers, you should create a catchy hashtag and invite people to join the cause. When the event is over, do not forget to post photos of the even with the same hashtag thanking people for their contribution.

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