Market Yourself Well On LinkedIn with These 5 Tips
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Market Yourself Well On LinkedIn with These 5 Tips

Apr 4, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
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Are you tired of asking your callers how they found your law firm? Do you find it exasperating when a caller says he found your number from internet? Of course, the internet is vast; you have invested in several online advertisement strategies. In short, the answer does not help you at all.

What you need to know is if your Google PPC advertisement or the one in Yellow Pages working for you. If you decide to ask callers such detailed questions, it may irritate them and they may never call back.

Nevertheless, if you choose call tracking, you could learn every important detail about your advertising campaign without asking your callers questions that are irrelevant to them.

Here is how call tracking works

When you hire a call tracking company, it assigns several contact numbers to your law firm. You need to make available these numbers on your website, online and print advertisements, business card, etc. The aim is to encourage people to call the new numbers instead of the old ones. The numbers are equipped with the call tracking technology and will be connected to your law firm’s actual contact numbers. Hence, in reality, your law firm retains its numbers.

When a prospective client makes a call, before forwarding the call to your old number, the call tracking number collects vital details of the caller. For instance, it will track and learn from which source (advertisement) the caller arrived at your website, how long the call lasted, which webpage of your website was the caller viewing when they called you, etc. Some call tracking packages provide even more information about the callers.

It is easy to incorporate the call tracking numbers on your website

You need not call your website developer to remove the old numbers. By inserting a simple code on your present website, you could have your website display the call tracking numbers. The call tracking company will provide complete support in this regard.

Mostly, there will be 4-8 call tracking numbers. Every number will generate a new number specific to each caller. It is how it will keep track of the caller and collect exclusive information about him. The collected data will be provided to you in a form of tables and you will be able to learn which advertisement is bringing how many people to your website.

Call tracking is not a new technique

Law Firms have been using call tracking since long. Since law firms have always been facing a huge competition, it is important for each one of them to know which ad campaign is working for them. Call tracking technology gives you complete control of you ad campaign. Without putting in too much of effort, you get to gauge your ROI.

Are there any risks involved?

The call tracking technology is being used by many law firms and they are happy with the results. Unless you choose a bad call tracking company, you too will gain from it. However, if you are still unsure, you may go for a trial package.

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