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Video Can Bring New Life To Your Law Firm Website

Aug 4, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Digital Marketing, Law Firm Marketing, SEO

We live in a visual society. When it comes to law firm marketing, first impressions are everything. One of the best ways to attract more clients is to add video to your website. Whether it is a short 2 minute introductory video or a video blog, it is a great marketing tool to help more people get to know your firm. Not only does video improve the overall presentation of your website, it can also increase your ranking on search engines. With today’s technology, creating an effective video is very easy.  But it becomes even more effective with help from an SEO professional.

Seeing is Believing

New clients are the lifeblood of every law firm. According to Internet Retailer, 90 percent of shoppers rely on videos when making purchasing decisions. The same holds true for those seeking an attorney. Because the legal industry is extremely competitive, it is important for law firms to separate themselves from the competition. One of the easiest ways is to attract new clients is to create a short and concise introductory video. It’s a great way for potential clients to learn about your legal services and to get to know the attorney and their staff. Here are some reasons why video is effective for law firm marketing.

  • Improve Search Engine Ranking:

    Google is the most used search engine. When people are looking for an attorney, they generally turn to Google to find the best and most affordable law office in their area. One of the factors that affects a website’s ranking on Google is the amount of time people spend searching on a website. An engaging video not only attracts potential clients, it also keeps them looking through your website to view all of your web pages, including the firm’s areas of practice.

  • Highlights Your Personality:

    When potential clients watch your video, they will immediately get an impression of the attorney’s personality and how they conduct business. It is a great way to humanize your brand and is the closest thing to face-to-face interaction. A good video also help makes an emotional connection with visitors to your site.

  • Include Video Testimonials:

    When potential clients want to know an attorney’s track record. Whether your law office specializes in personal injury, criminal law or family law, there is no substitute than getting a recommendation from past clients. Video testimonials are an excellent way to convey why your firm offers the right legal services for the visitor.

  • Mobile Friendly Video:

    In today’s Digital World, nearly everybody has smartphones and digital devices, including tablets. A mobile friendly website with video allows people to learn about your legal services from virtually any location. More people prefer to get information from a video than by simply reading text.

  • Demonstrates Your Legal Services:

    Video blogs are an effective way to demonstrate how your law firm can help potential clients. They become even more effective when shared on social media platforms–exposing your law office to a wider audience.

Turn to the SEO Professionals at WebsLaw

Search engine optimization is constantly changing. What worked a few years ago can quickly become outdated today. The SEO professionals at WebsLaw utilize the latest technology to help law firms achieve their goals. Unlike most SEO companies, they specialize only with law firms. WebsLaw also provides unmatched 24 hour service. Their team can provide everything from website design, to social media campaigns to sophisticated online digital marketing. The possibilities are limitless. Take your firm to the next level. Contact the team at WebsLaw today.

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