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How to make your website user-friendly? There are many things you can do to make your site user-friendly. Ask us about ways to improve your current site by calling 1-844-932-7529.
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How to make your website user-friendly?

Aug 11, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Web Design

It’s very frustrating visiting a webpage that’s not easy to navigate. People don’t like complicated designs with things running all over the place. The simplistic and minimalist approach is in style now and it’s highly effective. The less clutter the better. But your site may need a few changes before it gets to that level. Allow WebsLaw make your site more navigable and attracting to clients.

Simplicity is the mother of all functionality

Building a site map is not an easy task. It’s the skeleton of your site or framework for your project. Keeping it simple will make it easier on websurfers or potential clients. If your site is quite large because you have a lot to offer, creating a utility navigation may come in handy. This a simpler or smaller navigation bar located in the top right. It makes things easier for everyone. It will not distract readers from your main navigation bar yet it will help those who may not have enough time in their schedules to figure out the areas of law your firm covers.

Your logos

The logos generally goes in the top left corner of your site. It helps readers identify who you are and associate your name with the content they’re reading. Your logos adds character to your site. It generally directs readers to the homepage that way those who feel lost can always find a safe way to get back home.

Thankful for search bars!

Where will we be if it weren’t for search bars? Totally loss in the world wide web or somewhere in a barless site. We need bars to find our direction. The search bar is generally located in the top left right as it allows easy use.

Highlight navigation

Once you have a navigation bar and search bar it becomes easier to find your way around. But what about your current location? Your visitors need to know where they are. Whether you choose to highlight your navigation bar, use linked headings or cookie crumbs, make sure surfers can easily identify where they are at. There are other things you can do, which a designer can explain to you in more details. Calls-to-action (CTA) are also very effective as they invite potential clients to contact you if they have any questions or concerns.

Readable content

Laws can be very complex and argumentative. It’s your job as an attorney to fight these battles for your clients. Your site’s content should be simple and enjoyable. Reserve the fancy terminology for the court. In other words, allow your content to speak to your clients. This is what marketing is all about, connecting with clients. Sometimes you may have to lower yourself to their education level. Not everybody has a degree from Harvard or attended college. Clients come from different backgrounds and your site should attract them all unless you are targeting a specific group. In conclusion, the content should be professional and informative but easy to read.


Your images should not distract the reader but rather emphasize the topics discussed. It’s best to use a few high quality images rather than crowd the website with the visual aspects. Animations should be very subtle as they tend to distract the reader. It was hot in the 90s but not any longer. Slideshows are great as they add the personality or professionality your site may need. Bolding some keywords can also help draw your clients’ attention to a specific term you want to highlight.

There are many other things you can do to make your site user-friendly. Ask us about ways to improve your current site by calling 844-932-7529.

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