The importance of redesign
It’s time for a redesign! A website update may take time and effort but it’s worth the wait. Allow WebsLaw take your website to the next level.
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The importance of redesign

Jul 15, 2017
Denis Zilberberg

Perhaps you are one of those firms who feels proud after updating your 90s site. No more terrible-looking features and clients no longer laugh when reading your page. This is all great but it’s not enough. Technology has evolved quite a lot since you last updated your site. In fact, it’s evolving as we speak, and you need to make sure your design not only reflects the most current trends but it’s also user-friendly and your pages don’t take forever to load.

Here are some reasons why a WebsLaw redesign will boost your site:

  • When your site is outdated – It’s all about expectations. Clients expect something when they visit your site and if you don’t give it to them, they will go somewhere else. Your site should be clean, simple, and eye-refreshing. Yes, there are many options to pick from but pick the one that will make you stand out: a design that carries your essence and displays who you have become over the years. Perhaps your old site reflects who you were during your small beginnings but you have grown. There are accomplishments and things that have happened. People change and businesses too. Tell your clients what’s going on. This is what marketing is all about, constantly showing your clients that you are getting better, more experienced, and your firm will get them somewhere.
  • No call to actions or too many of them – It’s very annoying when you go to a store and before you even look at the items displayed, the salesclerk runs like a cheetah to grab its prey. There is no need to do that. You don’t need so many call to actions (CTA) for your potential clients to understand you a have a 24/7 Toll Free. You are not 911. Be selective with your CTA and place them strategically throughout your site. There is also the other side of the coin. It’s very frustrating when you visit a store and there is nobody to help you find your size. The same rule applies to your site. You need to tell your clients: “I’m here for you.”
  • No credibility – How can people trust you if you don’t even have a logos? Or perhaps your logos looks like one of those autocollants you can buy on Amazon for under $5. Remember, prestigious brands are always updating their logos. It’s a symbol of ‘we are getting better at this.’ It adds freshness and credibility to your firm. Also, you should keep sharing clients’ testimonials and tell the world why they should choose you over so many competitors out there. Be the best you can be and clients will look for you.
  • SEO – This means Search Engine Optimization. You must use proper keywords throughout your site, optimize images with correct tags, and come up with the right titles for your webpages. Target keywords relevant to what you offer that are searched often and people will find you.
  • Outdated technology – Perhaps your site was designed with old technology that is not compatible with current devices. People use their cellphones, ipads, and many other devices these days. It’s important your design is compatible with most of them otherwise your site may not load properly.
  • Too slow – Old stuff slows down. The internet speeds are increasing because people don’t want to wait. It’s a fast paced world out there. This particularly true for people using mobile devices. They want an answer quickly.
  • Fresh content – This is crucial to the success of your site. People can’t come back unless you are constantly offering them something new. A good way of doing this is blogging.

It’s time for a redesign! A website update may take time and effort but it’s worth the wait. Allow WebsLaw take your website to the next level.

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