Law Firms Settling for Average?
What has the industry of digital marketing for law firms done to these poor attorneys? The structure is very important in business.
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Law Firms Settling for Average?

Nov 7, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Law Firm Marketing

What has the industry of digital marketing for law firms done to these poor attorneys? Some firms are willing to step away from marketing, others are wary of anyone dressed in a suit and tie walking through the door, and receptionists are trained not to answer calls from marketers. I don’t blame them! Can you imagine how many phone calls, emails and inquiries law firms obtain daily from the “best” in the digital marketing agency? Everyone promising the same thing the previous guy promised. One product “better” than the other. For heaven’s sake, let these firms take a breather!

Some of my more memorable quotes from some of the digital marketing companies out there….

“We’re the largest in the country.” Wait a minute….aren’t you the same company that has 100’s of your customers, in one state, in one county, under one city…on pages 4 and beyond for every single practice area available?

“We don’t focus or guarantee results in organic related searches.” Of course NOT! You can’t! You cannot because you have thousands of firms nationwide stuck in NOWHERE land. How in the heck can you guarantee anything if you can’t take care of the mess you put your current clients in!

This one must be my favorite….

“Ok, so I’ve come in today because you’re not happy with your results over the past 48 months apparently. Let me take a look here….OH, I know, I am going to put you into another product that I have NO CLUE about but I BET it will really help. It’s shiny, it has a catchy name and it means absolutely nothing!.”

How many law firms have been in these situations? I bet tons and enough times to ignore a marketer phone call or a knock on the door.

The structure is very important in business. It is important in ours and it is just as important in a law firm. Signing on hundreds of clients to your digital marketing portfolio in any particular area of a state is just plain old greed. If you can’t help the law firm, don’t take them on. If you haven’t had the opportunity to learn what the firm is all about, don’t pretend like you did.

If you’re a law firm looking for marketing, here are some of my personal tips….

  1. Run a search online. If you’re a personal injury attorney, type in “car accident attorney” and if you’re a criminal attorney, type in “DUI attorney”.
  2. Now go through pages 3,4,5,6. You do not need to go further.
  3. Check and see who is powering the websites at the bottom of the homepage.
  4. If you see the same companies pop up over and over again, you obviously do not call them.

Why? Because you will end up on the same pages as the rest of these guys. If you found them on pages 4, 5, and 6, there is a spot for you waiting on page 7 or further!

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are companies out there that do a really nifty job and I give credit where it is due but PLEASE, do not sign your firm up for guaranteed failure.

When you speak with a WebsLaw representative, you get transparency. Not flashy products that don’t mean anything. Ask us questions and we’ll produce facts, stats, metrics and we’ll let you know if you’re way over your head.

Here are just a few points we LIKE to address aside from Custom Design, Web Development, SEO, PPC, and Content:

  • We need to understand the goal of your firm. Obviously, make money and then make more money right? To get there, we need to know where your firm stands now.
  • Who answers the phones? What is said on the phone before scheduling the appointment?
  • What happens after the appointment is scheduled?
  • Who shows up and who does not?
  • Why do you think some show-up and others do not?
  • How many show up out of how many calls, inquiries?

This is an area we LOVE to help with. Why? Because we want the PC’s (Potential Clients) we send you to convert higher into C’s. We can get into more detail about PC’s and C’s in a different segment or you can schedule a time to speak or meet with a WebsLaw representative.

Stay tuned for more thoughts and suggestions as we progress to the end of the year!

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