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California Law Firms, A Small Shift

Nov 7, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Law Firm Marketing

Small but effective. I love the digital market in California. Who doesn’t based on the population and constant growth? Less than 1% population growth every year BUT that’s 1% of almost 40-million residents. Los Angeles alone is at over 4-million, WOW!

What does this mean for Law Firms? Well, to start, that’s an extra 40,000 residents in Los Angeles. That’s 40,000 more individuals that will be in need of legal services at some time in their lives. The more populated the cities, unfortunately, the more car accidents you have. And when you have a car accident, you, of course, need a Car Accident attorney. More employment law, more business litigation, more family law matters…You get my point…

How do I attract these newcomers?

There are many different ways of marketing your law firm. Here are a few along with my personal but researched and experienced opinions:

  • Billboard Marketing- Effective in several ways. Creates more car accidents (let me find a pen to write down this firm’s number, he looks really serious), creates more billboard demand and of course, the conversions can definitely be rewarding if done properly.
  • Traditional Mail Marketing- I have to ask, how many attorneys have actually been violated for a traffic offense? Are you then bombarded with 450 postcards at your private residence from random law firms in the city? Where do you think these postcards end up? Ok, you tried, tested it, probably several times, it does not work. Time to move on. (Not my favorite form of marketing)
  • Social Media Marketing- First off, did you know that only 8 to 10% of your followers actually see a post on your business FaceBook page? That means, out of 100 followers (this is a typical following for a law firm) 8 to 10 followers see your post. Out of those 8 to 10, you must remove half because they’re relatives or friends. This concept needs more detail:

You have different forms of social media marketing. You can organically post to your followers or the 8 to 10% of them that will see it, you can boost your posts on FaceBook for a fee OR you can run a campaign to target new followers or offer services. Facebook has expanded on their campaigning options and it does work for several but few law firms.

Twitter- Ok, yes, President Trump does do really well on Twitter but he has millions following his Twitter page. His conversions are high because he engages well with his audience, creates several posts per day and let’s face it, he even sends posts out over the weekend. It takes lots to build a successful following on twitter. I agree that it still benefits your organic SEO techniques but I don’t think this is a platform law firms should be spending too much time on.

LinkedIn- I love watching law firms post case results and opinions. Who are you marketing to? Have you noticed that the 500 followers on your LinkedIn account are other Law Firms or friends of those Law Firms that work for other Law Firms? LinkedIn can be effective but again, you must have the proper following.

Google +- Alright, I know, it’s Google and it is difficult to resist. Especially to us digital marketing agencies BUT please don’t assume that you will convert much off of this platform. Have you ever heard of anyone mention about a lead that came from Google +? If so, I want to speak to that person directly! Is it great as a third party platform for SEO purposes? 100%

  • PPC Marketing- This works very well with a balanced plan on your SEO methods. The budgets can be tricky, the platform is designed for you to lose money JUST like you do at the casino but if the machine is operated by a “licensed” and experienced professional, it works well. Remember, aside from the Adwords platform, smart companies like WebsLaw use a backup metric system to make sure our clients benefit the most out of every campaign.
  • Website Marketing- It just does not sound right. A website is no different than a business card. If you just develop and design a website and let it sit, it will get as dusty as that good ole business card BUT if you oil, maintain and treat it with the respect it deserves, your website can be a whole different beast.

You can find some of our Los Angeles, California websites here If you happen to be a Law Firm in the Los Angeles, California area and you just drove by a billboard with a really serious attorney staring back at you, give us a call 844-932-7529. We’ll be more than happy to show you how you can be part of the shift.

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