I See PPC Saturation in 2018
I’ve heard through the grapevine that some of the “larger”, not “smarter” digital marketing companies are planning to increase their efforts in PPC this year to hit that annual quota.
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I See PPC Saturation in 2018

Feb 2, 2018
Denis Zilberberg

I’m a known critic of the digital PPC world but I also have to express that if something works, don’t try fixing it. This does not mean that you should not try and enhance and optimize your PPC campaigns. It just means that you should not try and overrun the provided digital platform or system. That being said, I believe that between 2018 and 2019, the PPC market specifically in the legal industry market will intensely increase in CPC.

Before I continue: Guys and gals, SEO is not dead. If it was, Google would be out of business and that is not an option for them. They set the standards for relevant information, sources and if you happen to be that relevant source, you are the SEO that gives. I’m ready to go to battle on this any day. The reason, I have proof while the “lazy” others are looking for excuses. Don’t focus on the bogus.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that some of the “larger”, not “smarter” digital marketing companies are planning to increase their efforts in PPC this year to hit that annual quota. I’ve also heard and witnessed that their current concepts in the SEO world are not working. This is not only to pick on the larger guys, many of the smaller digital marketing companies also have no clue what they’re doing. When all fails and your clients are jumping off the wagon, what do you do as a digital company? What do you when you KNOW that you’ve taken on to much and you can’t make them ALL happy.

The Scary Solution: You turn to a platform that provides almost instant results, correct? I mean why not? If it works, it works. Google Adwords is a spectacular tool with many positives. I’ve always said that it is NOT for everyone. So many companies and individuals that begin, lose lots of money and quit because it does not produce the results they were hoping for. Similar to a slot machine at the local casino. Many fail due to a simple fact, they do not know what they’re doing. The setup and process seem and feels simple up to the point of adding your credit card for billing but once they feel the burn, the scatter for the pause button is real.

The “larger” digital marketing companies turn to the platform for similar reasons. They must perform for their clients, they must make money (management fees for running your campaign) and the results are much quicker than your typical SEO concept. Question is, how many of their clients are they planning to run a PPC campaign for? Is it 10, 20, 40, 80 AND where are these clients located? Are they all located in the Los Angeles area or Miami area? How many Personal Injury Law Firm clients do they hold under their belt in any specific metro area? 20 PI Firms? 50 PI Firms? How many?

Why are these questions so important to me and should be for you?

I spoke about how many spots there are available for organic searches per specific and relative keyword phrases, remember? There are only 10 spots. Now, run a search like “Wrongful Termination Attorney Los Angeles” and how many sponsored Google Ads do you see? Some on the top, some on the bottom. This is the competition at that very moment for that search term. So think about this; A national digital marketing agency decides that in 2018 their main focus is PPC as a sales pitch. Where does that place you? How much do you pay per CPC now on average? Whatever number you just thought of, triple it or quadruple it because that is what you’re looking at this year consistently. You will notice that whatever CPC keeps you on top placement now, will soon begin to increase on a competitive level.

Example: Representative “x” holds 40 firms that focus on Personal Injury in the Los Angeles area. Representative pitches all 40 a PPC solution and package. 20 of the 40 PI firms sign up for PPC. You now have 20 more firms with maximum budgets that you are competing with daily. What do you think happens to your average CPC? Exactly.

Remember, these numbers are just examples. It can be 100 firms, I am not sure but what I DO know is that the CPC will be going up dramatically this year if this is the approach plan they take.

Has PPC saturation occurred before?

Of course, it has. No different than the real estate boom. At some point, clients realize the budget and conversions are not worth it and begin dropping like flies. Everything stabilizes again and only TWO winners are left in the game. Googles fantastic concept and the company that gathered a management fee from you.

Lastly and do not take this lightly. Use logic, please use logic! You are smart business people and if you’re not, ask for help. Do not be the firm that is used for split testing and realizes 40 to 50k later that you made a mistake.

Ready, Set, GO! WebsLaw is ready!

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