Law Firm Traffic & Audience- How does it happen?
Understanding how your audience is built and how they operate is very important. Once you have a good grasp of this, things become a lot more clear.
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Law Firm Traffic & Audience- How does it happen?

Dec 22, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Law Firm Marketing, SEO

Just rehashing the video above. Please excuse the phone and computer announcements in advance. My videos are not based off a script and I just speak about what I feel is important.

We really have two types of users in our legal industry and technically in every industry. You have your “informational traffic users” and you have your “urgency traffic users”.

Informational Traffic Users:

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very important user and also turns into a “returning” visitor in some cases. These users are looking for information, answers to their questions. They are emotional, they have questions and they need answers. They browse the search engine looking for legal answers to their questions.

Divorce Example:

This example user recently found out that their spouse is cheating on them. Understand the emotion? They have family, children, they need answers. This user is your informational user. They are searching for keywords such as “I just found out I was cheated on by my spouse” OR “I have children and want a divorce”. If your concept is designed to engage with informational users, you might be found and they might gather broad answers from your website. They are NOT ready to communicate with you. They just need information and answers to their questions. You will not be able to force this type of user into engagement no matter how great your website looks.

Now, that does not mean you won’t be able to convert the informational traffic user into a “Returning Visitor”. If your brand stands out and is engaging, the user might return later to then engage with your website and turn into a lead thanks to your brand.

Urgency Traffic Users:

Urgency traffic users are ready to go! They are ready to buy! They are ready to find the right attorney. They’ve already found answers to their emotional thoughts and concerns and now are ready to make moves. This is where your competitive long-tailed keyword phrases like “Product Liability Attorney Los Angeles” really pay off when you’re ranked on page one of Google. Why? Because these users are ready to take action, fill out contact forms, start a live chat or make a phone call. They are ready for communication.

Car Accident Example:

The urgent user just experienced a fender bender, the opposing driver received a ticket for fault and the urgency user knows he has a case. This user is instantly searching for an attorney and will use a keyword phrase term such as “Car Accident Attorney Aventura” to find an attorney they can communicate with.

In a different situation, the user involved in a car accident was hospitalized. This user did not have the ability or the opportunity to contact an attorney right away. They were hospitalized and only let out a couple days later with their injuries. This type of user will be searching for answers to their questions. They will not be an instant and urgent user but will turn into an urgent user once their basic questions are answered.

Understanding how your audience is built and how they operate is very important. Once you have a good grasp of this, things become a lot more clear.

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