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Google analytics measures how well your website is doing compared to other companies in your industry. To know more about digital marketing contact WebsLaw.
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Google Analytics and Your Business

May 5, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Digital Marketing, SEO

One of the best tools when it comes to digital marketing is Google Analytics. Not because it helps you actively promote your brand or product, but it helps you measure just how well your website is doing compared to other companies in your industry. Of course, the data will not be 100 percent accurate, simply because not all of your competitors may be using the program. But it is still a good barometer by which to measure.

You can narrow your analytics down to dissect exactly where most of your online traffic is coming from. Your company may be based in the United States, but most of your views could be from overseas. You can use this data to modify your digital marketing tactics.

Your focus may be either to get new customers or turn them into returning customers. You can use certain tools in Google Analytics to help you accomplish either of these goals.
One way to increase sales is to get more traffic to your website. But you also want to control how many people leave your website. You may think about modifying your website design or product offers to entice people to stay on the site, in turn, increasing revenue.

Not all of your customers may be as computer savvy as yourself. By finding out the type of web browsers they use you can determine if your website is compatible with their browsers.
If you get an influx of traffic from a referring website, check out that website and see why that is. Find ways to get more traffic from that site. It could help boost your sales or services.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is another great way to get customers to your site. We all know that keywords help drive traffic to your site, but with SEO, you can go from appearing on page 3 of Google to page 1. It is worth looking into.

Once you figure out what visitors to your site like or dislike, you can focus on creating content and deals around your findings. In some cases, it is easier to make an up-sell to current customers than it is to gain new ones.

Knowing why people leave your website will give you insight as to what to modify on the site itself. Maybe the layout is confusing, or there is not a clear call to action.
Finally, what are your goals for your site? Many people set up analytics accounts with no clear goals in mind. Without goals, you can’t measure if you are meeting your numbers or not. If you do have goals, tie it in with all of your other traffic stats.

Today, more than ever, it is important to do some form of digital marketing. The days of traditional marketing are basically obsolete. If you want to remain competitive, you have to be online … and visible. WebLaw can help you with your digital marketing and online presence. Don’t trust your company to anyone else. WebsLaw has the expertise to take you to the next level.

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