Expert Tips To Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Work For You
In today's market everyone believes in content marketing and trying hard for it, but a few success why? Read out our experts tips on content marketing strategy.
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Expert Tips To Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Work For You

Apr 7, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Content Marketing

Your old online content strategy may be keeping you from attracting clients. With most law firms paying close attention content development, you should gear up and use these 6 content marketing strategies:

Keep tab on news related to your niche

For generating curiosity and making yourself prominent, you need to talk about something that has already garnered interest of the people. By staying abreast of the latest Acts, verdicts of cases and other important news related to your specialization, you can produce content that will draw attention of the people fast.

Set Google Alerts and it will inform you about breaking news. Now, when you see one, you need to blog about it. Either you can explain in simple terms how the news would affect a layperson or you could write your analysis about it. Always use simple terms and words so that everybody understands your blog post. Next, you should publicize it over social media. It is a sure shot method of bringing in visitors to the website.

Maintain quality

Choose news with due consideration. You should only write about those, which are related to your niche. It will let people know what your field of expertise is. Moreover, your analysis should be generic. Avoid presenting your viewpoints on issues that you do not understand well. People would like to read expert views and thus, you need to be confident about what you write. Moreover, do not pressure yourself to create content every day. Quality is most important and people would be ready to wait for your next quality blog post. By publishing posts twice a week, you should be able to get substantial number of visitors.

Tell online visitors about your law firm

Your visitors will happily read anything new related to your law firm. Have you recently had a renovation? Did your firm win an award? Did you participate in a community service? Your clients would like to visit a comfortable office and they would love to hire someone, who is generous. Therefore, whenever you do something for others, use your website to tell about it. Post pictures, as they attract attention more quickly.

Keep the tone of your content light

Although you work seriously and sincerely for your client, you need not be too formal in your content. Many people are intimated by law personnel and legal issues. If they read content that is full of jargons, they may not be motivated to consult you. It is best to keep your tone light, as it will make you seem less daunting. Foremost, refer yourself and your colleagues by first name. People would be more interested to consult Rick rather than Mr. Rick Johnson.

Show clients that you care

Your clients can get you more business if they remember to refer you to their family and friends. In order to stay fresh in their memory, you need to go beyond written content. Send your clients video content for wishing them on major occasions like Easter, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and New Year. It is a different idea and because of this unusual gesture, they would remember you.

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