Do You Have An Effective Law Firm Marketing Plan? Law firm marketing
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Do You Have An Effective Law Firm Marketing Plan?

Aug 24, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Law Firm Marketing

There are few professions more competitive and cutthroat than the legal industry. In the old days, success was measured by simply providing clients with good legal representation and superior customer satisfaction. While those principles still hold true, it is not enough to keep law firms achieving their bottom line. New clients are the lifeblood of every law office. Your firm could have the finest team of attorneys in your city or region. But if your website is not ranking high on Google or other search engines, it is just another tree in a vast forest. In today’s business environment, you must have a sound and organized digital marketing plan to not only stay on top, but to just be competitive. The best solutions can be found through search engine optimization or SEO.

What Is SEO and How Does It Work?

It’s a common scenario. Imagine owning a bakery with the best chocolate cake in the state. Your loyal customers already know you provide a superior product. Yet, your nearby competitors are getting more business despite providing inferior quality. Why? There are several factors that also apply to law firm marketing. While price and location are obvious, there are other important reasons. Just about everybody who needs an attorney, uses the Internet. Most go straight to Google and type in the search bar what type of attorney they need and the location. Studies show that most people will choose the law office that is listed on the first page of a search result. It does not necessarily mean the law firms listed on the first page are the best. It simply means they have used SEO to effectively market their firm. Here are some ways on how SEO and digital marketing can help bring more clients to your law office.

Website Design: Just about every law firm has a website. But if your site is outdated with graphics from 10 years ago or stale content, it is not going to rank high on a Google search. Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable SEO professional to provide website design can rejuvenate your site and bring instant results.

Google AdWord Campaigns: Who are your target clients? If you are operating a criminal law firm, you are not looking to attract someone who needs a divorce attorney. Identifying keywords not only brings more eyeballs to your website, it also attracts the right customers. Today’s digital marketing pros use Google AdWords to properly identify the people who need your legal services the most.

Digital Marketing: One of the biggest changes in recent years is the growth of digital marketing. Mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and iPads allow potential clients to find your law office from any location at any time. Even in 2017, there are still far too many website that are not yet mobile friendly. These are the sites that will ultimately fail.

Local Targeting & Research: If you run a small law firm, chances are your clients are going to come from the local area. Most people who are looking for an attorney, do not want to travel far to get legal advice. By having a team of SEO professionals on your side, they can help your firm target more potential clients in the cities and towns near your firm.

Contact WebsLaw For the Latest SEO Law Firm Marketing Solutions

SEO is constantly changing. It is important to have the right digital marketing professionals on your side to attract new clients. The team at WebsLaw is dedicated to helping law offices reach their full potential. Unlike other SEO companies, WebsLaw only concentrates on law firms marketing. Their team of digital marketing professionals also work around the clock to provide unmatched 24 hour service. While the competition is sleeping or eating breakfast, the team at WebsLaw is hard at work to address all of your online marketing needs. Take your firm to the next level. Contact the team at WebsLaw today.

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