Build Your Brand With Facebook
The Easiest and Complicated way of marketing is Facebook marketing. If you have a law firm and want to build your brand with Facebook and social media contact WebsLaw.
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Build Your Brand With Facebook

Apr 17, 2017
Denis Zilberberg
Social Media

Practically every business nowadays has a Facebook page. It is a great tool to directly interact with your clients and customers. Of course, you want your Facebook page to be engaging, but at the same time professional. In the world of online marketing, this platform will give you a great edge over your competition.

Facebook has many advantages. One such advantage is its security. As a business, you don’t want anything to be “private.” However, you don’t want just anyone posting on your page. You can control who posts, responds and interacts with your page by adjusting the settings. You can also control who “tags” you in pictures. Your Vegas bachelor party pictures aren’t the type of things you want public to your audience.

If you are trying to gain a following, it is best to accept friend requests from everyone – provided it is a real profile and not offensive. The more you friend and “like” other people’s pages, the more people will do for you.

This next one is tricky – Absolutely NO politics. That is a great way to alienate potential clients and customers. You may turn away a great contact simply because of opposing views. Many people are passionate about their views and you don’t want to lose out on an opportunity because of political beliefs.

If you post pictures of your company brand while you’re attending a function, or just out and about, make sure to tag those in the picture with you as well. It will most likely be seen by friends of that person and “liked.”

In online marketing, you have to give to get. So that means you may have to initiate a like on a comment or post to get the ball rolling. Which is fine. Once that connection is established you will more than likely benefit from it.

Be courteous. If it someone’s birthday on Facebook, wish them a “happy birthday.” It can go a long way. Online marketing isn’t about just marketing your product, but marketing yourself as well. The more you give — especially to the right people — the better the return on your investment.

Instagram is a great complement to Facebook. When you post a picture on Instagram, make sure to “share on Facebook.” It could add more numbers to your followers and double your viewership; which is also why you always want to post with a picture on Facebook as well.

Always be interesting and informative. You want to keep people coming back to your page to read. You don’t want your online marketing strategy to sound strictly like marketing all the time. Mix it up a little, but with relevant information.

If you have a law firm that needs its social media and online marketing boosted, contact WebsLaw. They have the team it takes to get the job done. The knowledge and know-how are what makes them experts in the field. Don’t miss out on clients because your online presence isn’t up to par. Stay ahead of your competition with WebsLaw.

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