"Black Rabbit" and Your Google Listing
The focus is always on organic SEO, website optimization, Adword, and Social media campaigns but you should also take the time to sit back and appreciate other forms of small marketing with big results and the people that care about those results.
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“Black Rabbit” and Your Google Listing

Apr 26, 2018
Denis Zilberberg
Law Firm Marketing

It was a very random picking of a company nickname for this individual. We usually go into a “strategic” nickname meeting upon the hiring of new team members. For Black Rabbit, he was just sure he wanted to be as far away from “White Rabbit” as possible (an inside joke we hold). And no, the nickname has nothing to do with “Black Hat SEO”.

Whereas your typical hires today have you weary of performance and ethics, Barry Ryan- CMO of WebsLaw, (Black Rabbit) is the exact opposite. A simple phone conversion will leave you with a feeling of trust and transparency. Very rare in this day of age. He is trusted by our team and revered by our clients. There is no “lack of” attention when it comes to clients and even the most minor of details. In fact, Black Rabbit can be overwhelming with the details he does come across.

Although Google Business Listings have been around for some time, many digital marketing agencies ignore the opportunity at hand. It’s strange to me as this is a means of marketing that does NOT cost a penny. Yes, you have Ads that can be sponsored but if Black Rabbit gets you in the “3 Pack” (See Below), there is no need for a sponsored Ad.


The goal, as obvious as it might seem is to convert practice area keyword phrases in any particular location into impressions that will ultimately turn into click conversions. This concept is no different than your typical PPC campaign. The basic formula of “Develop, Optimize, Impressions, Clicks, Clients” or “DOICC”.  The difference here is, your firm is not spending a fortune because Black Rabbit is spinning his wand around daily.

The images above are of clients who are part of the “3 pack” for particular practice areas and keyword phrases in the Personal Injury and Workers Compensation areas of law. In order for this concept to stick and hold strong, consistent and tedious manual work is involved. Here’s just a few below:  

  • Competitors suggesting edits to your listings: Yes, it’s true. There are so-called “marketers” out there that have all the time in the world suggesting edits to listings they do not own. Google approves the suggestions and then, of course, Barry goes back in for the fight. Although we don’t participate in the game of sabotage, we hope that Google at some point makes adjustments to the current stipulation.
  • Photobombing: If the opposing party has more images associated with their listing, well then, you’ll see more images related to the firm in most of our listings to compete.
  • Links and NAP: The team working on your SEO should be consistent with their linking and additions of firm info through the engines. If not, this can backfire on your listings.
  • Reviews: No explanation needed. I HOPE!

And although, this might NOT seem like a big deal, it actually REALLY helps with the increase in conversions. Especially for mobile users searching for the right firm, at the right time. Here are just a few small stats that might help you understand:

  • Over 60% of users find local results more relevant.
  • 3 out of 5 users use their mobile device for searches.
  • Billions of mobile searches performed monthly.

At one point, I asked Black Rabbit the following: “You know, you can just pass this responsibility over to the team to handle? They’re not touching it because they know you have your paws all over it.” His response was: “Nah, I like the battle, it keeps me on my toes and our clients happy.”

He’s right. Every month Google sends a Google Business (GB)  report similar to any other report you might receive on analytics. The report includes the following:

  • Customers who find your listing searching for your business.
  • Customers who find your listing searching for a specific service.
  • The number of views you receive from your listings including photo views.
  • Visits to your website.
  • Direction requests.
  • Calls to the firm.
  • Initiated chats.

Along with these great features, GB insights will also provide you with the quality of your photos VS other firms like you. This helps you understand changes you should make to your listings.

The focus is always on organic SEO, website optimization, Adword and Social media campaigns but you should also take the time to sit back and appreciate other forms of small marketing with big results and the people that care about those results.

Meet Barry Ryan

WebsLaw- CMO

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