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The logo is a valuable marketing tool for your site. It doesn’t matter what banner ads or links you are creating, using your logo adds cohesiveness that makes your brand stand out. Contact us today.
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Logo Design

A logo is often overlooked by website owners and marketing firms, and it’s understandable why. After all, at first sight, a logo may seem like the most insignificant graphical attribute of your website, when, in fact, it can become a valuable tool that can greatly complement your digital marketing strategy.

“Wait, what? What does logo design have to do with digital marketing?” you may be thinking. A recognizable logo can actually become a vital feature to represent your firm and make it stand out from the crowd of your competitors who either don’t have logos, have bad logos, or don’t use their logo to its fullest potential.

If you think about it, your logo can be one of few recognizable attributes to help your potential clients spot your law firm easily when searching for a lawyer of a certain practice area in your region.

Logo Design

Although logos may look very simple and unsophisticated, most of them actually tell a certain story. Usually, the choice of colors and symbols depicted on a logo is not random or accidental. A logo is a personalized graphical attribute that has a story behind it. A logo can not only enhance the look of your website, but also become a panacea for increasing your law firm’s profits.

Some website owners use their initials and favorite colors when creating a logo, while others opt for anything eye-catching that looks trendy and stylish to attract their target audience.

Many times, graphic designers choose the color palette of a website based on the logo, which means your logo will most likely play a major role in your website design.

Logo Redesign

If you’ve used your logo for years or even decades and it has never been updated or refreshed, it may be worth considering to redesign your logo. There are various reasons why it may be time for a redesign. Redesigning a logo is a huge step, because your new logo can drive away your old clients, who will no longer recognize your logo, but it can also catch the eye of new clients.

Location Of Your Logo

It may not seem like a big deal, but the location of your logo can play a big role in developing a defined image of your law firm. After all, if your logo stays hidden somewhere on the background, don’t expect your existing clients and new clients to recognize your law firm by simply looking at your logo. Although the ideal position for a logo to make it more visible depends on the layout and structure of your website, more often than not, placing a logo on the left is the most strategically correct location for your logo.

Linking Your Logo

Your logo can serve as a noticeable and clickable link to your home page, which is especially convenient and handy when a user is browsing your website on his or her mobile device.  When navigating your website for the first time, your potential client can get lost pretty quickly, which is why allowing that user to click on your logo to return to the home page is a good idea to restart that user’s journey.

Logo = Reputable Law Firm

Here at WebsLaw, our marketing experts always advise our clients who don’t have a logo to get one, because it can make your law firm appear more reputable and successful in the eyes of your potential clients. A logo can not only help you stand out, but also add cohesiveness to every page on your website. Your logo can become your own “signature” in Google listings and make your website look more trustworthy than your logo-less competitors.